About Us

Here at Trukleen we surround ourselves with friendly, dedicated, and hardworking technicians who take pride in helping you in your time of need. Located in South Florida and the Treasure Coast area, we have been providing fast and detailed service for a great number of years. Our clients find comfort and relief knowing there is hope in the face of a determined Trukleen professional. We specialize in many types of disasters and damages ranging from mold, storm, water, and fire destruction. We take pride in the immediate rise of action from our staff who go the extra mile to ensure you are more than satisfied and able to continue living your life comfortably.


For many years Trukleen has changed the lives of hundreds of families and business owners affected by the impacts of disaster. We understand how difficult these times can be on you not only financially but emotionally as well. Our staff and technicians have a sense of dedication and understanding that noticeably exceeds expectations and concerns. Our customers are always left with the feeling of security and relief knowing that moving forward is possible. No matter the size or impact of the catastrophe, Trukleen is equipped to handle any problem large or small. Our highly trained technicians go above and beyond to give you the best services available while repairing businesses and making your house a home again.


After many years of service and dedication, we are proud to serve South Florida and Treasure Coast communities. We take pride in the volume of lives we have and will continue to impact in a tremendous way. No one understands your needs and what it takes to restore your home and business better than our staff here at Trukleen. We are highly trained to handle any situation no matter how difficult or severe your problem may seem. We put a lot of time and effort into making sure you get the peace of mind you need to keep living life to the fullest. Our team is quickest to rise to action in your time of need and we guarantee to accomplish the dream you have for your home, livelihood, and business. Get in contact with us today to get back to living life the way you should.

FAX Numbers

South Florida fax : (954) 971-8762

Stuart Fax: (772) 403-7761

Alternative efax: (954) 573-6493